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Back at It Again

I kind of forgot to blog for a while. I got sick, lost interest in running for a little while. I’ve also been having problem with my right knee after running, but I think I’ve sorted that problem out for now, I will have to remember to keep stretching to keep my knee from hurting.

My first race!

Since the last post I ran my first 10km race ever, and two other races as well, a 7km and a 5km.

The first race was Premiärmilen where I ran my first 10km race ever. My goal was to finish in 1:10:00, which I managed. My official time was 1:08:35, which I am more than happy about.

The second race I ran was Ältasjön runt, a 7km run which I finished in 47:36, also happy about that.

Last week I ran a 5km race in Saltsjöbaden, called Nacka Halvmarathon. I was aiming for about 33 minutes, but I managed to finish in 31:29, which was faster than I anticipated, I was able to keep a really quick pace during the last kilometer.

I still got 5 more races planned for this year:

  • Duvnäsloppet, 10km
  • Solsidan runt, 10km
  • Midnattsloppet, 10km
  • Hellasloppet, 10km
  • Tunnel runt 10km

Who knows, maybe there’s more races to come, or maybe this will do for this year.