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Weekly Report January Week 5

Monday 27/01/2014

I ran after work, this was a day of running intervals. I was supposed to run for 3 minutes and rest for 3 minutes. The first few intervals I was able to keep running during the rest, but toward the end I powerwalked instead. In total it felt great and I did an extra interval just for the hell of it.

Distance: 5.86km, Duration: 45 minutes, Average pace: 7:41/km

Wednesday 29/01/2014

Everything felt great, I was full of energy and felt I could run the prescribed 40 minutes with ease. Started to get a bit heavy toward the end, but I probably could’ve kept going.

Distance: 7.10km, Duration: 55 minutes, Average pace: 7:46/km

Friday 31/01/2014

High speed long intervals run. I was supposed to run for 10 minutes at a high speed, rest for 5 minutes, then run for 10 minutes again. This run felt fairly good. I felt I managed to complete the run as instructed and kept a fairly high pace for me.

Distance: 4.82km, Duration: 35 minutes, Average pace: 7:16/km

Sunday 02/02/2014

Didn’t feel good at all, my legs felt weird, I was tired, the runt went really sluggish. I didn’t finish the 40 minutes prescribed, I only managed 20 minutes of running. Next week I will focus harder and complete all the runs. Next saturday I go to London and I really look forward to running there.

Distance: 3.84km, Duration: 30 minutes, Average pace: 7:49/km