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About Running

About two weeks ago I decided I wanted to start running more. I’ve been running off and on for about two years, with mixed result, but I’ve never taken it very seriously.

Last week I decided I need a goal, something that will keep me motivated when things gets tough. That’s why I signed up for this year’s Midnattsloppet in Stockholm. My goal is to finish the race without stopping (if I can help it), I don’t care about the time this year.

Midnattsloppet is a yearly race taking place on a late summer evening in Stockholm, spanning 10 kilometers of city roads, and bringing thousands of people running and watching.

This week was my first training for it, and for these two first months I’ve decided to follow the “Running 4 Fat Loss” exercise schedule on Runkeeper to help build some stamina and lose weight in the progress.

This first week consisted of 4 days of running at a steady pace for 30 minutes.

I will write a report of my progress every sunday, below follows the first report.

Weekly report

Sunday 19/01/2014

Evening run. I wasn’t prepared at all, I only managed to run for about 20 minutes, then I was spent and walked for 5 minutes to cool down.

Distance: 2.93km, Duration: 25 minutes, Average pace: 8:32/km

Tuesday 21/01/2014

Morning run, I forgot to eat breakfast before I headed out the door. Didn’t feel great. However I finished the run with some walking inbetween to catch my breath. I’m including the warmup and cooldown times in the report.

Distance: 5.22km, Duration: 42 minutes, Average pace: 8:03/km

Thursday 23/01/2014

Evening run after work. First run of the week where I actually finished the full 30 minutes of running. However I felt I was watching the time too much making it feel tougher than it was.

Distance: 5.58km, Duration: 45 minutes, Average pace: 8:04/km

Saturday 25/01/2014

Being a weekend I went to run a couple hours after lunch, this time covering the display of the treadmill as to not actually know how far or for how long I had been running. This worked wonders and I actually ran quite far before I peeked at the time, felt good.

Distance: 5.60km, Duration 45 minutes, Average pace: 8:04/km